Discover the Inspiring Journey Behind Timeless, Magical & Rare Antique Textiles

Do you wonder how fashion and personal style can tell an incredible life story?

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative woven by Marci Lebowitz of The Shooting Star Boutique's stunning collection of outfits, meticulously curated throughout an extraordinary and timeless journey.

The outfits will take you on a adventure of mesmerizing cultures and designs forgotten with time. These magical and rare antique textiles are now upcycled into fabulous fashion by Marci Lebowitz.

Celebrate the Magic of Fashion Upcycling

To look at the exquisite, soft, luxurious, and antique hand-crafted textiles, you are invited to download the exclusive FREE eBook in which you'll enjoy…

Vivid, high-resolution photographs of authentic upcycled hand-crafted designs.

Gripping stories behind each outfit, from the meticulously chosen accessories to the hand-selected fabrics, each carrying a unique memory.

The journey to rediscover passion, from designing the first outfit for her mother's memorial service to running a full-time business.

What Other People Say..

The piece you designed for me, Marci is POWER, it is SENSUAL, it is DIVINE FEMININE! It’s such an experience to wear it. I can feel the power of ALL who have worn it throughout its threads. There’s majesty in its movement, and it seems to caress the parts that need to be touched and free the parts that need to be shown to the world. 

Stephanie, France

There’s literally magic in each and every piece Marci touches. Your soul recognizes it. Her designs give you permission to be yourself and show up as a bright light! It makes me feel like I can literally walk in and share that light with other women because I feel that way in her clothing! 

Barbie, Portland, Oregon

Being dressed by Marci Lebowitz is an empowering experience. Her textiles are so elegant, stunning, and she finds pieces that fit like a glove to not only your body but to your persona! Little did I know that dressing in her outfits would boost my confidence so much and make me feel so beautiful!

AR, Los Gatos, California

When I wear Marci’s antique textiles, I feel like a king. As soon as I put on the outfits that she exclusively designed for me, I stand up taller, prouder, and feel more comfortable in my skin. Her fittings are great fun - we laugh a lot and have so much fun in our time together! 

Dandy, Taos, New Mexico